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Hey man, the University of Oregon is gonna know!

You know that gnawing fear that one day the cops will show up at the curb in front of your house on garbage day and smugly rummage through your trash before it can be picked up? Once you discard evidence of all the horrible acts you've committed it's in play -- legally speaking -- and if you're dumb enough to put your garbage can on public property like the curb, well you're just too stupid to be allowed to roam free.

Cognitive Bias, or Why Humans Stink at Assessing Threats

If you were an American walking around in 2005, you had a one in 10,010 chance of dying from falling off a ladder. Your chances of dying in a terrorist attack were one in 88,000. Why, then, are we not plunged into the depths of panic whenever we see a ladder? The big fat answer is that ladders aren't scary. Cognitively speaking, we humans are fairly dumb when it comes to assigning real risk to threats to our well being. Rather than rate a risk based on the odds it has of befalling us, we tend to make judgments about risk based on the emotions they provoke.

This Just In: Know-it-alls Know Nothing at All


Self-professed experts claimed knowledge of concepts that don’t really exist. Learn why know-it-alls know nothing at HowStuffWorks Now.

Stuff You Should Know's Links for the Week

Chuck and Josh wrap up links to all the stuff they've contributed to humanity this week. Check them out here.

How the Facebook Mobile App Works


The Facebook mobile app lets you update your status and more on the go. Learn what you can do the Facebook mobile app.

Halo Cars

A halo car is the creme de la creme of any given car brand; it's the showcase piece designed to (hopefully) lure in customers. But some halo cars don't live up to these high expectations, as Scott and Ben reveal in this episode.

How the Scientific Method Works

It evolved over centuries to become the gold standard for conducting scientific inquiry. Yet many people - including some scientists – don’t fully understand it. Learn about the basis of how we explore our world in this episode.

Why Your Tween Might Think You're a Loser


Wondering why your tween might think you're a loser? Visit HowStuffWorks Family to learn why your tween might think you're a loser.

Have a Heart -- If You Can Find It

So this slightly disturbing survey came out yesterday on The medical journal "BMC Family Practice" surveyed 722 Britons (people from England) about where various body organs where located. The participants were shown four body diagrams with the organs depicted in varying sizes and locations in the body. They were then asked to choose which one was correct, organ by organ. Turns out only 46.5 percent could pinpoint the correct size and location of the heart. That would be the human heart. Not only that, but only 31 percent could identify the lungs, 39 percent found the stomach and 32 percent for hit the kidneys. What's more, 589 of these folks were outpatients in a hospital. The same survey was performed in 1970 and researchers today expected better results thanks to the dawn of the information age. Unfortunately the results were about the same, despite the wonders of the Internet.

Blow Your Mind: Invasion of the iPod People

Today's episode is something of a puzzle, and we need you guys to helps us piece it together. What happens when we plug into our electronic gadgets and tune out the rest of the world? What kind of world do we live in when everyone gets to pump their own continuous, custom soundtrack in and alter reality's emotional decor. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I discuss the so-called Walkman Effect and the manner in which our precious music and personal electronics alter the reality we live in.

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