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Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe achieved the stardom she desired, yet personal and professional struggles plagued her throughout her life. Learn about Marilyn Monroe.

Are the Ica stones authentic?


Ica stones are allegedly ancient carvings, but are they real? Find if the Ica stones are authentic or a hoax.

Barbers Across the Globe Are Using Fire to Style Hair


Why are barbers using fire to cut hair? Learn more about fire cutting in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

Unintended Consequences of Pokemon Go


What have been some of the real-world results of Pokemon Go? Learn more about Pokemon Go in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

The Real Reason Website and App Terms of Service Are So Confusing


What's the real purpose of these end-user license agreements? HowStuffWorks Now finds out what's hiding inside them.

Are stupid people happier?

Is there a negative correlation between happiness and intelligence? Is ignorance truly bliss? Josh and Chuck attempt to answer this age-old question by exploring the "science" of happiness in this podcast from

Need a New Podcast to Binge? Here's What HowStuffWorks Podcast Hosts Listen To


HowStuffWorks loves podcasts, and our staff of podcast hosts offer up recommendations of their favorite ones to obsess over. Read this article.

How Fleas Work

Fleas are the bane of the existence of pet owners. From their eggs to their lifespan to their feeding habits, fleas are practically designed to be a nuisance. They are parasites, after all. Get down on flea level with Josh and Chuck in this episode.

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