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No Wisdom in Crowds? One Head May Be Better Than Two or 22


When it comes to big decisions, do you believe the more input the better? This HowStuffWorks Now article might change your mind.

Can supersymmetry and the multiverse both be true simultaneously?


Supersymmetry: the idea that the particles we know about have as-yet-underscovered force partners. Multiverse: exactly what it sounds like. Can they coexist?

How Fire Engines Work

Everyone's familiar with firetrucks. In the U.S., they're bright red, they're huge -- and they can be incredibly loud. So how do they work? Listen in as Scott and Ben take a closer look at fire and rescue vehicles.

How Poison Ivy Works

Poison ivy, oak and sumac are all variations of the same plant and they all can make you itch... if you're susceptible that is. In this episode, you'll learn just about all there is to know about this itch-causing plant, including how to best avoid it.

Dotard, Slumgullion, and Other Gloriously Archaic Insults


What are some out-of-date insults worth knowing? Learn more about old insults in this HowStuffWorks article.

Can quicksand kill you?

In many films, hapless characters meet their untimely demise in a lethal pit of quicksand. It's a gruesome, undignified end -- but is it realistic? Josh and Chuck tackle the properties of quicksand -- and how to escape it -- in this episode.

A Star is Born

Like most things in the universe, stars begin as particles floating around in massive clouds of dust and gas. But what forces these particles to coalesce and form a star? Tune in and learn more about the birth of stars in this podcast.

1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 Ford Mustang


The Ford Mustang II era of the mid-1970s was a departure for the automotive icon. Find out more about this smaller, fuel-efficient Ford Mustang.

How Limousines Work

The first limousines weren’t even cars! Learn all about the history of limousines, how they’re made and some of the most creative and expensive amenities you can find inside them in this episode with Josh and Chuck.

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