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Could treasure hunters have discovered Nazi Gold?

Several treasure hunters think they might have found Nazi gold. Learn about the history of Nazi gold, the role of Swiss banks and much more in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.

What do parasites and razor burn have in common?

A recent theory about human hairlessness cites parasites as the cause. Find out how parasites relate to hair -- and some fascinating facts about shaving habits -- in this podcast from

How Sea Monsters Work

Legends of sea monsters are as old as humanity, and some ancient cultures even credited with with creating the universe. Even today when the sea washes something odd ashore we see monsters – we understand there’s much more than appears above the surface.

What's sarcopenia and what can you do about it?

Sarcopenia is a form of muscle loss and coordination associated with aging. Luckily, a little extra effort can prevent its onset. Tune in to learn more about sarcopenia -- and how to prevent it -- in this podcast from

We're Finally Educating People About Risks for Sports Concussions


Sports-related concussions are finally getting some attention. Learn more about these common injuries on the field at HowStuffWorks Now.

Motorcycle Basics

Motorcycles aren't just a symbol of flexibility and freedom -- they're also brilliant feats of engineering. Tune in as Scott and Ben examine the basics of motorbikes, from their steam-powered history to their modern design.

How Food Cravings Work

Why do we crave certain foods? Does everyone experience food cravings? In this episode of Stuff You Should Know, Josh and Chuck explore the delicious topic of food cravings.

How the Enlightenment Works

The Enlightenment stands as the moment the West withdrew from superstition and found its faith in reason. Did it shift too far? Learn about this massive shift in thinking which we are still sorting through and coming to understand today.

Roadside Repairs

It's happened to almost every driver at some point: a tire goes flat, a belt goes bad, or mysterious smoke wafts through the hood. But what do you do next? In this episode, Scott and Ben cover some of the most common roadside mishaps, and how to fix them.

What makes a serial killer?

Serial killers are notorious for their grisly crimes and disturbing behavior, but what makes a serial killer a serial killer? Josh and Chuck ponder the history, psychology and methodology of serial killing and serial killers in this episode.

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