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How the Enlightenment Works

The Enlightenment stands as the moment the West withdrew from superstition and found its faith in reason. Did it shift too far? Learn about this massive shift in thinking which we are still sorting through and coming to understand today.

Roadside Repairs

It's happened to almost every driver at some point: a tire goes flat, a belt goes bad, or mysterious smoke wafts through the hood. But what do you do next? In this episode, Scott and Ben cover some of the most common roadside mishaps, and how to fix them.

What makes a serial killer?

Serial killers are notorious for their grisly crimes and disturbing behavior, but what makes a serial killer a serial killer? Josh and Chuck ponder the history, psychology and methodology of serial killing and serial killers in this episode.

How Archimedes' Death Ray Worked

Archimedes' death ray is one of history's most fabled legendary weapons -- but what was it? Was it even real? Listen in as Candace and Jane sift through the legends and find the facts behind the ancient death ray in this podcast from

Noise Pollution: Pipe Down, People!

Like any other form of pollution, loud noises can seriously affect your health over time -- and that's just the beginning. As Robert and Allison break down the science behind noise, they also explain how noise pollution affects the natural world.

Alien Etiquette 101

People from different cultures often interpret gestures and etiquette differently, and this can lead to serious misunderstandings. So how should humans interact with extraterrestrials? Tune in as Julie and Robert explore the nuances of alien etiquette.

What makes a genius?

When you hear the word 'genius,' names like Einstein and Hawking probably spring to mind. Defining exactly what makes them geniuses, however, is much more complicated. Josh and Chuck discuss the many theories about genius in this episode.

Auto Urban Legends

Have you heard the one about the hook-handed killer stalking kids on lover's lane? What about the guy who strapped a jet engine to his car? In this podcast, Scott and Ben examine the fact -- and fiction -- behind urban legends.

How Tea Works

Legend has it that tea was discovered by a curious Chinese emperor after leaves blew into his boiled water. Now tea is the second only to water in popularity worldwide. And despite the varieties of tea, they all come from a single species of plant.

Rainbows: Delighting humanity since forever

Rainbows seem to defy nature, but they're really pretty simple when it comes down to it. Turns out it's just light reacting to water droplets in the air. But they sure do look cool. Learn all about how rainbows are formed in today's episode.

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