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Is it possible to brainwash someone?

Brainwashing is an extreme form of "thought reform," but does it actually work? Tune in to this podcast from to find out.

How will the future crime database work?

The US and England have databases containing DNA from millions of citizens. Originally only criminals were included, but as the programs expanded many more people were added. Learn how these databases work -- and why they were built -- in this episode.

How Hot Wheels Work

If you're an American who had a childhood, you probably have some nostalgia for Hot Wheels. Get your engines revved for this trip down memory lane as we discuss these fun and iconic toys.

Some Movies That Changed Filmmaking

An estimated 50,000 films were made worldwide in 2009 alone. Many are surely clunkers, but in this episode Chuck and Josh talk about the ones that emerged throughout cinema history to change the course of all movies that followed. Get your popcorn.

The Wow Signal

In 1997, researchers at Ohio State University detected an extraordinary signal from space. Could it have been a message from another civilization? Tune in as Allison and Robert break down the science behind the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

How Cinnamon Works

In another commodities edition of SYSK, Josh and Chuck dive into the world of cinnamon, once the world's most prized and pricey spice. But did you know it was really just dried up tree bark?

How can some centenarians lead unhealthy lives?

You'd think that centenarians -- people age 100 and older -- would owe their longevity to healthy habits, but that's not always the case. Tune in to this podcast from to learn more about genes, longevity and unhealthy habits.

Science vs. Monsters!

For thousands of years people across the world have frightened (and entertained) each other by swapping monster tales, but how do these monsters hold up in the eyes of science? In this podcast, Robert and Allison break down the science behind monsters.

What's the deal with promotional vehicles?

You've probably heard of the Wienermobile (a vehicle shaped like a gigantic hot dog), and perhaps you've actually seen it on the road. But it's not the only promotional vehicle. In this podcast, Scott and Ben look at promotional vehicles across the world.

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